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>Skateboard Museum 

This is going to be cool when its done . We have 100s of skateboards that ive had since I was a kid . So this page will be dedicated to putting my old boards up in a page where everybody can see!

Well its happening we are finally going thru all our skateboards and hanging all out boards in our new store . Most of my old boards are still ridable , so come on down and see what it feels like to ride a old school skateboard. We will soon have the seacoasts only skateboard museum  .

OMG Look what came in the shop today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a 1990 ISH Sims Shaun Palmer Disco Pimp
(Its not for sale , SORRY !!!)

This is one of my favorites !! It started out as a water ski and ended up my first snowboard and later ended up a skateboard. In the mid 70s I took it from my dads boat , it had a metal fin on the back and in the winter it worked great as a snowboard , I got the idea from seing the Snurfers in the department stores. Later I took the fin off put a set of Bennet trucks and Grand Prix wheels , grip tape some cool stickers and it became my first longboard (Its 6 feet long ).

This is is one of my my old Dogtowns from the 70s , I believe this was one of my first Dogtowns , its kinda beat up and weathered . It actually spent a week in the bottom of my mothers pool . Which wasnt too good for it.   

Vintage 1987 John Grigley Mask Mini Complete Skateboard

This is another one of my favorites. Vintage Sims / Lonnie Toft 8 wheeler skateboard. This was one of those weird deals back then . Dont know if anybody remembers Wee Willy Winkle who also made 8 wheel boards .

This is a 70s Makaha that I hand painted . Has cool Alva , Skate Boarder Mag , Santa Cruz stickers on the bottom .

70s Skateboard .

 Not sure who made it has x-Caliber trucks , road rider 4 wheels w/ sealed bearings .

 You can see the top of this board on the picture above this .